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Quality and Certifications

We are an ISO 9001 Registered firm with a company-wide service-oriented attitude. Contact us today to find out our experience and knowledge can work for you.

Precision Fittings strives to sustain a competitive position by serving our customers.

We do this by supply product to requirements for quality and delivery, while seeking continual improvement-

  • In production quality where beneficial
  • In reduced lead times and increased efficiency
  • In conservation of materials and energy
  • In cost of materials and loss form errors and defects
  • In work environment, convenience and safety of employees and products

Quality Focus

Precision Fittings has developed a Quality Management System that complements our manufacturing capabilities. Our system has evolved to emphasize designing processes for defect prevention and subsequent continuous improvement. We assure the outstanding quality of products through:

  • A defined set of primary and secondary machining, finishing and assembly processes, supported by a reliable mainframe computer system for order planning and scheduling.
  • Highly-maintained equipment of suitable capacity.
  • SPC, shop floor data collection.
  • Advanced quality planning for each product at individual part level.
  • An extensive inventory of thread gages, measuring instruments, and test equipment.
  • Computerized, positive recall calibration system.
  • Proven and capable subcontract processing suppliers.
  • Manufacturing engineering support for process and tooling design.
  • Capable tool room for production and maintenance of manufacturing tools.
  • Experienced, trained, and qualified personnel.
  • ISO Certification and Registration.
  • Extensive experience in PPAP and similar submissions.
  • Company orientation to go beyond expected performance to assist customers.

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