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Benefits of using threaded fasteners such as Plug Nuts®

In metal fastening Plug Nuts® have many key advantages over the standard nut and bolt combinations:

  • Low Cost - Threaded fasteners can be manufactured at an economic price, specifically for your needs.
  • Inexpensive Installation - Easy to install. No special equipment is needed to install Plug Nut® threaded fasteners - just two simple steps done with low cost tooling; punch and anvil.
  • Self Clinching Fasteners - Fastening does not require a two wrench assembly.
  • Ideal For Use In Blind, Hard To Reach Locations - Metal can be fastened in hard to reach places, where nuts and bolts are difficult to fit. The ideal blind fastener!
  • Improves Fasten-ability In Thin or Soft Material - Thin sheet metal materials (i.e. brass, aluminum, stainless steel) are ideal cases for using Plug Nuts®.

Mel-ba Plug Nuts Vs. Conventional Assemblies:

Mel-ba Plug Nuts

One side manual or power tool assembly.

Firmly staked in place parallel to the material.

Low profile of Plug Nuts uses shorter screw for same clamp load than either bolt and nut, or recessed insert. No gaps in matching surfaces.

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Insertion Performance Table

Conventional Assemblies

Two wrench assembly.

Loose nut must be positioned and started. May cock or tilt.

Deformed assembly uses longer screw, and allows gap between matching surfaces.