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O-Ring Plugs

SAE Style O-ring Plug - We make millions of standard and special O-ring plugs. Any slight changes from the SAE specification can turn a standard into a special. Some common variations from standard are:

  • Special material; stainless steel, non-leaded steel, carbon, exotic, etc.
  • Custom Dimensions or features; dogpoint, special threads, square or multi-lobular drive.
  • Special plating or coating; zinc-alloy, cadmium, organic, nickel, super-sealer, passivate, gold color.
  • Special O-ring material; Viton, Buna N, fluoropolymer, PTFE, special durometer
  • Magnetic

NWD Zero Leak

The NWD design of dual-seal, zero-leak O-ring plug was developed and patented as a direct-replacement fitting for SAEJ1926 and ISO 6149 (Metric) port applications. Performance is greatly enhanced due to the additional metal-to-metal seal. Millions of NWD Zero-Leak plugs and fittings have replaced standard SAE parts with these advantages:

  • Fittings will seal in the absence of the o-ring.
  • Taper provides high unit loading of metal-to-metal seal.
  • Better O-ring performance; the O-ring is not being used as a gasket.
  • Interchanges into current SAE ports using same assembly tools and methods.
  • Better vibration, temperature, and pressure spike resistance due to taper lock.
  • Lower assembly torque required, higher resistance to thread stripping.
  • Allows plugs to be cold-formed for more advantages.