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MS27769, Military Pipe Plugs

We are the largest stocking manufacturer of the MS27769 pipe plug. We have more sizes and material choices in our inventory than anyone else. And we are tooled and ready to make the all the varieties. All of our MS27769 plugs are made in the USA with DFARS compliant material. Our factory has been certified by the DOD to produce Class 2 and Class 3 threads.

Threads on MS27769 Pipe Plugs have the ANPT thread form. We use the correct tooling and gaging to comply with the applicable thread specification, SAE AS7105.

Material/Coating Designator

  • None - 4140 alloy steel, heat-treated, cadmium plated
  • A - 4140 alloy steel, heat-treated, zinc plated
  • C - Brass, uncoated
  • D - 2014 Aluminum, anodized
  • M - Magnezium, anodized
  • S - 347 Stainless steel, passivated
  • R - 321 Stainless steel, passivated
  • T - Titanium
  • W - 7075 Aluminum, anodized
  • U - 4140 alloy steel, heat-treated, uncoated
MS27769 Military Pipe Plugs
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