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We continue the tradition of Service and Quality that Mel-Ba made famous in PlugNuts. PlugNuts have been called many things - Self Clinching Fasteners, Insert Nuts, Cinch Nuts, Push Nuts, Hole Nuts, Threaded Inserts, Blind Nuts, PlugNuts or Plug Nuts. PlugNuts have many advantages over the standard nut and bolt assembly:

PlugNuts are faster and easier to use than a standard nut because they lock in place. This allows the bolt to be tightened with a one-tool, one-sided operation. You don't need a wrench to hold the plug nut for your bolt or screw. It is held in place by its knurled edge which is pressed into your material.

What is a PlugNut. A PlugNut is an internally threaded insert that is pressed into sheet metal or other soft material for assembly with a screw or bolt. PlugNuts are made with a tapered knurled projection. The start end is smaller than the mating hole for ease of entry. The top end of the knurl is larger than the hole, producing a self-clinching press fit when assembled. An annular groove separates the top of the projection from the underside of the head of the nut. When the nut is pressed into a mating hole by a punch, the wall material of the hole is displaced, flowing into the knurls and groove to clinch the nut securely in place. The anvil supports the assembly to maintain flatness.

Our minimum order is $150, and can be made up of different parts.

Mel-Ba's PlugNuts are referenced on the world's leading manufacturers' prints such as:

  • AEG Transportation (615A72)
  • Case (D-44566)
  • Crown (111606)
  • Department of the Army (10947099)
  • Eaton Cutler-Hammer (437A113 & 10D0232)
  • General Electric (0293A3545 & 264V224)
  • Siemens (14-147-052)
  • Westinghouse (765A582 & 21D6979)

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