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Uses of Plug Nuts®, the threaded metal fasteners.

Each Plug Nut® is made with a tapered knurled projection - the large end of which is greater in diameter than the hole in which the nut will be used. An annular groove separates the top of the projection from the underside of the head of the nut. When the nut is pressed into a mating hole, the wall material of the hole is radially displaced in an outward direction. Displaced hole material flows into the knurls and groove to clinch the nut securely in place. This is accomplished without affecting flatness of component product material.

Plug Nuts® are being used in the following industries:

  • Power Distribution
  • Hydraulic Power Systems
  • Metal Stamping
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Metal Assembly
  • Department of Defense (Rock Island Arsenal, Tacom, DGCS, etc.)

Plug Nuts® are used in the assembly of the following products:

  • Lighting Equipment
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Distribution and Breaker Boxes
  • Metal Cabinetry
  • Medical Equipment
  • Racing Wheels and other High Performance Auto Racing Parts
  • Switchgear & Switchboard Equipment
  • Mining Equipment
  • Bus Bars, Breaker Boxes and other Power Distribution Equipment
  • Sales Point of Contact Displays
  • Snowmobiles
  • Fabrication Assemblies
  • Trench Boxes
Windmills for Electricity
Bus bar